The Power of Goodbye


Even though it is a terribly worn-out question, in most of my job interviews, I was always asked it. (I would much rather want to be asked, “Which song describes your work ethic best?” and I believe that answer would also say much more about myself.) Which are your weaknesses?

Of course I tell the potential employer how I am what Swedes call a time optimist and that I usually live more in the future than in the present. But if I should be really honest, I should say:

My weakness are goodbyes. I am bad at goodbyes. As the Queen of Nostalgistan, I simply suck at goodbyes. I have lost count of how many people I had to let go or leave myself, but it has been a lot. We have never talked enough before one of us leaves, we have never done all the wonderful adventures before we part, we never got around to go to all the planned places before it’s time to break up. It’s always too early to not be in the same place anymore. Because everyone, including me, is constantly moving somewhere. What looks so glamorous on the outside – beloved friends in London, New York, Pamplona, Vienna, Berlin, you name it – is not quite that cool in reality. It’s a constant come and go, and I am quite bad at it.

It’s just like packing, you would have thought I have learned saying goodbye. Or learned to stay away from mobile, global folks. But I lose my heart time and again, and then I am confronted with the same scene every few months.

The only good thing about it? So far, I got to experience that with some people, no matter the distance, they will always be very close. They will answer your panic texts at 3 am, (okay, also because they sometimes kind of live in a different time zone maybe), they will reply to your “I really think my life is going totally wrong” – voicemail in a break at work. Those people are worth every mile between you and them.

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