Is there a silver lining?

It is Friday night, 8.30 pm, and I am home, alone, with no plans except watching tv. Voluntarily. If you know me, you know that’s quite rare. It feels like work and apartment hunting has deprived me of all social interest. I said it before and it is unfortunately still valid, I am constantly tired and behind with everything I want and need to do.

Speaking of apartment hunting, in 8 days I am homeless. I am personally amazed by how calm I am taking it now and I recommend to all of you to just let go of everything you want in order to achieve inner peace. It might also be called no giving a f*ck anymore, but it works. At least this week it worked for me.

Ingrid’s and my notice has generated unforeseen success. I thought no one would reply but the Hamburgers surprised me! Every day I got at least one call or message and while it “only” led to two showings so far, that’s two more showings than none. I am quite excited to see how all of this turns out! I also replied to an ad in our intranet where an old lady advertised a room in her apartment. Today I went there and was swept off my feet when I saw the house. I have never seen such an apartment from the inside. And neither have you, I believe. Swedes, think 6:a Strandvägen (that one person lives in). Germans, just think of next to Binnenalster, huge and old. The sophisticasted lady was very talkative and told me her and her grandchildren’s entire life along with some stories from work. I spent an hour smiling and listening. I am not yet sure if my non-need for socialising will work in this arrangement.

Mundsbürger Brücke. Not bad, not bad.

Mundsbürger Brücke. Not bad, not bad.

Tomorrow and on Sunday I will look at more apartments and I have high hopes for the one on Sunday. Interestingly enough, many people who reacted to my note had tips about apartments in the most exclusive part of town. We’ll see what happens. One nice thing about this is that I get to see little glimpses of the beautiful sides of Hamburg. Many people say Hamburg is the most beautiful German city and I suppose they are kind of right.

Oh, and of course – Ingrid and I anticipated this, quote Ingrid: “Your number is a prepaid card, right? So in case it becomes neccessary you can change your number?” – I did not only get apartment offers but also romantic offers. Kim, 26, wants to hang out with me and “see if something more happens”. Because I am a polite Catholic, I did reply but I don’t feel Kim and I will work out, actually.

That’s okay though because today I had stuff to do at work that required walking through the whole house and I saw this very handsome colleague on the third floor. Thankfully, our intranet is like Facebook and you can stalk everyone easily. That would not even have been neccessary because when I came down again and said to my colleague, “There’s this handsome guy on floor three”, they all immediately knew who I meant. Also today, my boss walked me through the feuilleton department and I was quite excited to see all the big names with the intellectual minds walking around. That department is decorated differently by the staff than all the others because I suppose more intellectual people like creative chaos more? It looks very nice in any case.

"The Feel Good Manager hopes these flavors are acceptable"

“The Feel Good Manager hopes these flavors are acceptable”

Also this week, I have appointed myself to Feel Good Manager at work. After my boss had complained three times about not having Nespresso coffee anymore, I went after she had left and asked everyone who needed those ridicously expensive capulses, and placed a collective order. My boss was very pleased this morning! Also, after being informed that my colleague loves Bradley Cooper (who I had to google, yes, I know, I live under a rock), I printed a poster of him for her to hang up. My feel good aspirations do at times differ from my colleagues’s view though: For example today when they forced (!) us to dance a silly dance to the worn-out song “Happy”. We are supposed to perform this terrible piece of choreography at a colleague’s wedding. And we do not even get alcohol before. As you all know, I am willing to sacrifice my personal dignity for the stage effect but I like the performances to at least be a little better than mediocre. I might be sick on the wedding day. Or drunk.

Hamburg, yesterday, 20 degrees!

Hamburg, yesterday, 20 degrees!

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