In my Father’s house


The Lord has not forsaken me! Just when I thought that I would have to either be homeless or live in a nunnery’s expensive basement room without a fridge or internet, in short be miserable, I was embraced by the church.

Now there is two things to be said: Firstly, the ladies at the nunnery were very nice for making me the offer. Secondly, when your living situation keeps deterioating, you are wowed by things that you normally would not think that great. But let me inform you from the beginning. When this morning, I still was not sure where I would be living from Sunday onwards, and even my boss got nervous and tried to find temporary housing solutions for me, I got a reply from the pastor who I had asked about housing. He had forwarded my request to the owner of the church (the church was bought recently because the Swedish Church decided to let go of all their foreign properties) who then called me. He was terribly friendly and said I could come by right away and I could move in on the spot if I needed to. He even offered me three different options, an own apartment, a room in a flatshare or a tiny attic room in case I needed something very cheap. I went and looked at the apartment which is – for my standards – incredibly big and furnished with super-retro-stuff that makes you feel like you live in your grandmother’s house. It has so much sleeping space I can host two to three people at the same time now, so come visit me in April!

The place is located in the most perfect spot as well and through the dirty windows I have a view over the most important Hamburg landmarks. I was blown away by the helpfulness and trust I met in the owner who gave me the keys and said I can sign the contract and pay on Monday. That’s some true Christian spirit.

I don’t know if you can imagine the relief I felt when the church helped me in such an uncomplicated way. The last couple of days I have spent most of my time worrying what do do next week, something that takes your concentration off work and makes you a sad, non-social friend. It has been a very trying time and while I realize I am still looking for something and it will continue to be annoying, at least the immediate pressure is taken away.

I feel a bit like Jesus in the temple: now I shall be living in my Father’s house for four weeks. And by May, I hopefully have found something else.

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