One wrong move


Bremen, yesterday, at least 20 degees

People say, “When one door closes, another one opens”. Well, sometimes I feel in my life it’s the opposite: “When one door opens, another one closes”. After I had figured out where to sleep from tonight on and had gone home to my parents to relax for a day, I made one wrong move this Sunday morning, a second of bending down and  – of course – had a lumbago (Hexenschuss/ryggskott). I have had all kinds of back pains but I think I never had this: first it hurts like crazy and then the pain prompts you to feel dizzy and ready to throw up. And then when you have stabilised your circulation again, you realize you simply cannot move and have to go to the doctor’s. So that was my Sunday. And as it looks now, that’s going to be my Monday as well. I hope that by tomorrow the pain killers had worked so far that I can travel back to Hamburg at least. Meh.

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