The other day my computer at work broke (again. I am the IT’s most faithful customer.) so I had to relocate to my colleague’s office. She prefers a room temperature of 16 degrees and listens to the radio while she works. It wasn’t my most efficient day at work. But as we were sitting there, the radio played the song “Jubel” and my colleague said, “Oh, that’s [klingon:de], I like them!” I was very confused and wondered if Star Trek made songs now as well. When the song continued, I recognized it as the French band Klingande which I always thought was pronounced in the Swedish way since, um, well, it’s a Swedish word. But apparently not. On the radio and online it says it’s pronounced the Klingon way. I even did my research on the French wikipedia and read that “Le duo trouve que cette langue sonne bien, à la fois parlé et chanté”, the two Frenchies think Swedish is such a great language to use for music. Well then – Jubel!

(P.S.: Nevertheless the lyrics read in English, “Save me”…?)

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