Forget the internet

Remember how gentlemen started contacting me after I had placed my “looking-for-an-apartment-“ad all over town? I think I will only use these kinds of notices in the future for whatever I am looking for: a job, a husband, you name it. Forget the internet, paper ads on traffic lights are here to stay!

Yesterday I got another email from a guy. He had created an email address especially for this purpose. My email is “finallyinhamburg” and he wrote from “alreadyinhamburg”. He was one of the many that fell for my playing the Sweden card and even bothered to write in Swedish. (Even though I cannot fight the feeling that Google Translate might have been involved.)


Deeply indebted to Ingrid who was my creative partner in this project

“Hej, jag såg din ansökning idag på ljusmasten på väg till jobbet och tänkte vilken bra ide att göra det på det sätt ;0). Tur att trafikljusen blev röd – annars stannar jag där inte …

En verklig kreativ ansökning – tack för det! Välkommen in Hamburg!

Tyvärr kan jag inte erbjuda dig en bostad … varför jag skriver dig? Jag har sättet mig målet att göra varje vecka någonting som jag inte gjort tills nu :0). Hälsa en person som man träffa på tunnel bana, bjuda en person som man träffa med kompisar på kafét eller …. Lite speciellt men varför inte? Och så blev det idag att skiva åt en person, som jag inte känner ;0).

Varför “äntligen i Hamburg” – blev du trött på Stockholm? Hur gick det till? Lycka till med sökning och har det så bra ;0). Om du vill så hör gärna av dig och jag bjuda dig någon gång på en kopp kaffe!”

I think his approach was quite skilled content-wise, see italics below. 

“Hi, I saw your ad today at the traffic light on the way to work (casually dropping the info that the man has a job which as we know increases female interest) and thought what a great idea to do it like that. Good thing the light turned red – I usually do not stop there…(adding a feeling of “this is fate”)

Really a creative ad – thanks! Welcome to Hamburg! (flattery)

Unfortunately I cannot offer you an apartment…Why do I write to you? I have made a resolution to each week do something I have not done before. (Showing that one is a cool person) Greet a person you meet on the metro, invite someone who you met through a friend…A little weird but why not? And today it was to write to a person I do not know.

Why “finally in Hamburg” – did you tire of Stockholm? What happened? Good luck with your apartment search and have a good time. If you want to you can write back so I can invite you for a coffee!” (offering an actual meeting/date)

Of course I wrote back. I need something to blog about.

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