“Obama knows already”

I am not sure if it is a good thing that the apartment hunt is still delivering blog material or if it is sad that nothing else seems to happen in my life that is worth reporting. (Or it is confidential.) Anyway, so the awkwardness has reached a new point! Obama is informed. But let me start from the beginning.

Last week I got a call from Cornelia. She said she had seen my notice and was going to leave her apartment. She was very enthusiatic about meeting me and we decided that I should come to her place on Saturday. So I made my way there, as usual getting a bit lost, and at the end found her house, with her name on the door. I rang the bell, no one answered. Since the front door was open, I went inside but there was no way of getting to her apartment. I called her number. The response, “This number is not in use”. Hm, okay. I rang on someone else’s door and asked about her. The guy said, “Yes, she lives here. But isn’t she in Berlin?”

Well, apparently she was because I at least could not reach her. I went to a shop nearby and asked for pen and paper, wrote a note, left it and went home, slightly irritated. Yesterday, almost a week later, I get a text, saying that she found my message and that I should call the landlady and say I am the subtenant. “Because I want to keep the apartment and return later”, she wrote. She is doing her legal clerkship at a few different places and when she is gone, I can live there. Yeah, right. And when she is here?

The weirdest thing, I thought then, was her signing with “:-*”, the kiss smiley, which is an emoticon, I as a conservative Catholic [irony-hint for the irony-impaired], use for people I really like. Really, really like. Not people I have never met.

I replied that I had taken another offer because I was not able to reach her – or even verify she is an existing person – and wondered where (the hell!) she was on Saturday. Her answer was both bewildering and amusing.

Proof to show I am not making this up!

Proof to show I am not making this up!

“I just felt like going for a short vacation. (And it never occured to you to inform me you would not be home?) Alone. (Well, I was certainly not planning to come with you.)

Have been very disappointed. (Not my problem?) Especially by Sarah Treppmann*, the previous tenant, and her friend Jana Schimanski*. (Whaaat? I don’t know these people! Why are you telling me this?) I had proposed YOU to the landlady and Lena got in between. As thanks I am now facing ejectment threats by Sarah even though there is an EBV. (You are losing me here. I don’t even know what EBV is and neither does google.)

Obama knows already. (What? WHAT?) Our teacher was Professor BYRD. (What on earth is she talking about? Who is Byrd? An alien? Are they coming to get us? Is this the Matrix?)

If you want to, email Mrs Herrke who owns the house. Mrs Sietz is only a proxy_Bgb 181. :-*” (Talk about being cryptic! I don’t know those ladies either. And Bgb could mean so many things, for example the German Civil Law (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch). I would rather not start a tenancy with legal threats.)

My colleagues think the guys (a third guy has contacted me) who want to go out with me after reading my notice are weird. Well, compared to this girl I think they are perfectly normal!

I have not answered yet. It feels a bit like my email conversation with Dominic.   My first inclination to reply was, “You do realize there is no way I am not blogging this?”

But then again, Cornelia does not know I have a blog.





*I changed the names since I do not know the people and maybe they are respectable people who google themselves.

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