Facebook has many ways of being annoying: It steals your time, it distracts you, it makes you feel everyone has a cooler life than you, it bombards you with content you do not care about, it nags that you should rsvp to events. And recently, I found out another agonizing facet.

Since I moved away from Stockholm, which Facebook observed, it has been wondering where I am now. The poor advertisers are certainly confused because I sometimes even use a proxy and then you don’t know at all where I am anymore. So Facebook asks politely. Consistently. Every day.

Every day it tells me that I have barely ten (however some very good) friends in Hamburg and adds that more than 50 of my friends live in Stockholm, then wonders if I live somewhere else. It is almost as if it is mocking me, saying, “Can’t you do maths, why don’t you live where the majority lives?” Facebook is rubbing it in that I have acquired three new Facebook friends in six weeks in Hamburg. I tell myself Germans are more hesistant with connecting online. Facebook repeats the names of those I miss dearly, “they live there – and you?”

You know what, Facebook? This is only fueling my motivation to continue my private PR campaign for Hamburg to convince as many as possible to move here.


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