Crazy Cornelia

Crazy Cornelia strikes again! You thought the story was over with Obama being informed and me declining the subtenancy offer? I thought so, too. But apparently not. I came gome today to find a message on my answering machine,

“I wanted to speak to Helen. (Well, okay, this is Helen…Or which Helen do you mean?)

I had a self-financed burnout prevention course in the beginning of March (em, this is like saying I attended an amnesty meeting in February – it has nothing to do with the matter?) and I suggested Helen as a new tenant and she wrote to the landlady immediately and said she would take the apartment (Maybe I got confused with all the apartments I looked at but I am really sure I never wrote to them).

Today I had a letter from the landlady saying I should move out immediately even though she still owes me 4, 40 euro. (See, Germans are exact people. Four euro forty. That equals approx. 39 Swedish crowns, you don’t want to miss out on that. (You could buy three bunkar with that.) There is a German joke saying, “You still owe me five cents”, but as I discover now it is probably not a joke)

Helen, I texted you and you can call Mrs Sietz and ask what is going on with them. I am taking up my clerkship again and will write a mean letter to them. See you! Ciao!” (I thought she thought I was not Helen? Or what does the first sentence refer to? Also, I don’t want to get involved in the trouble a person completely unknown to me has with her landlady…)

My parents believe I am making this up, by the way. I would like to reassure everyone: This is 100% true and recorded on my phone!

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