Time travel in purple

Stockholm April 2014 007

The mandatory cherry blossom photo

Today my feeling of having been on an exchange semester in Germany to now return to my normal life was even stronger than yesterday. We started the day slowly, reading magazines on interior design, being served lovely breakfast pancake by Marita, and going to Farsta Centrum. Yes, that’s the place you want to be! At least if you are up for taking a peaceful stroll in the sunshine there and finally (!) getting the fancy handbag you needed since May 10 last year. Also, I had to buy sunglasses because in this country up north, it was so sunny and warm that you cannot live through the day without sunglasses. (Yes, Anja, I got some with UV-proctection!)

My reaction to the fabulous sunshine was rather typically Swedish, I sat outside at a cafe in the blazing sun, refusing to move way from the god-like phenomenom we have been longing for for months. The result was a headache and potentially a sun burn. I shall be proud to show that to my German colleagues who completely refuse to believe when I say Stockholm has wonderful summery weather.

Meeting Elle: our usual cafe, the favorite cakes, just like always.

Meeting Elle: our usual cafe, the favorite cakes, just like always.

I was constantly looking out for things that might have changed. But it is like I am time travelling backwards. It feels just like we took up our habits again and probably in a few days time I will be surprised to find that I actually do not live here currently. I always have to stop myself from going to the platform for the red metro line and getting off at my former stop. (No kidding.) I had a chance to shortly say hi at my former work place and it was so very lovely to finally hug Martina again!

One of my habits has been to attend Kulturnatten, The Culture Night. This year is my third Culture Night and Franziska, Elle, Marita and I set out to look at some of the cool things they offer in the museums and other attractions.

Stockholm April 2014 012

I am not kidding when I say it is summery here.

Stockholm April 2014 010


As you probably know, I have a strange interest in looking at advertising and I was highly entertained by SL’s new ads that we saw on the way. I am still wondering what this is all about but it seems to me they are making fun of Asian English? Or is there anyone else who says “Very buy such cheap”? Maybe it’s just non-native English? It is in any case awesome and the dog is hilariously random.

Stockholm April 2014 015

We went to Bonniers Konsthall where one could take a school photo. You know, those terrible pictures from the 1990s where one looked stupid, styled in your parents’ taste? This was the second chance. We took a group photo (and because we were only four, we first decided, we must be the “elite class” but then I suggest maybe we were the “Special Education Swedish” class, since we are four immigrants…)

Stockholm April 2014 017

Stockholm April 2014 057

Culture Night’s signatue color is purple and it was pretty to see the obelisk on Sergels torg in purple as well as a lot of purple lightning. I suppose it has to do with the twilight colors. In the said twilight or rather in sunset as Marita says (we are having a little thinking going on about the terms twilight, dawn, dusk and sunset as I write) we climbed the roof of the Concert Hall to enjoy a view over Stockholm and learn some more about the history. It was not that high though so we basically looked “at the streets from above” (quote Marita). Which was still very nice!

Stockholm April 2014 026

Stockholm April 2014 029

Stockholm April 2014 049

Stockholm April 2014 054

At the end of this adventure, I found myself in the bathroom of the Concert Hall, taking my pulse. You might think that strange and it is indeed. But Marita has this new phone that can do pretty much anything including taking your pulse and obviously we had to try that on the spot. The pulse rates among us four (after climbing a lot of stairs) were from 71 – 96, me being in the middle.

Stockholm April 2014 055

Our last stop was the magnificient Nordic Museum. It was the first Stockholm museum I visited fourteen years ago and I am still, every single solitary time, blown away by its architecture. They had what they called a jewelery workshop which turned out to be us stringing plastic pearls. I had the pleasure of sitting next to a funny ten-year-old who replied to my saying, “I’m not very talented at this”: “Well, I am”.

Stockholm April 2014 060 Stockholm April 2014 062Stockholm April 2014 064 Stockholm April 2014 065 Stockholm April 2014 068

I found all of Herr Krupp's Family! (Herr Krupp stayed home. He already knows Sweden.)

I found all of Herr Krupp’s Family! (Herr Krupp stayed home. He already knows Sweden.)

Found the book to have: "How to become engaged within 14 days. A guide book for unmarried women. Translated from German". First rule: "Lower your expectations".

Found the book to have: “How to become engaged within 14 days. A guide book for unmarried women. Translated from German”. First rule: “Lower your expectations”.


We came home dead tired and Marita’s omnipotent phone tells us we walked 18 200 steps today. At Farsta Centrum they have a really cool competition going on next weekend: On your marks, ready, sleep! It is a competition who falls asleeps fastest and I am talking Marita into competing. You can win 10 000 Swedish crowns which is definitely worth falling asleep in public. This leaves me to say: Good Night!

Stockholm April 2014 003



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  1. I don’t think sommarbiljett hund is making fun of Asians — the English is SO BAD that it’s hilariously random! But really, it’s the addition of the dog that is the best touch.


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