9 step-recipe for complete bliss

Outside Elena's house

Outside Elena’s house

To achieve complete bliss, I use the following ingredients and perform the below mentioned steps. I tried this recipe, again, today and can promise it works perfectly!


Beaming sunshine, one of the most beautiful if not the most gorgeous capital

tasty food

inspiring, affectionate, lively friends

Step 1:

Get up well rested. Have an excellent host serve you breakfast without you even having to do anything. During this breakfast, attend to your imagination and invent a story. (Marita has to write an interview for her Swedish course and due to the absence of a real Swedish interview partner, I answered her questions, making up an entire life. The ficticious person is called Elisabeth Simonsson, 36, born in Liechtenstein (where else!?) to Swedish parents (mother engineer, father freelance photographer), one older sister, two younger siblings. She grew up in Liechtenstein, Gotland and Stockholm. Has three children aged 7, 5 and 2 and works at a dubious “foreign company”. And she plays the piano. We didn’t get further than that yet, the scandals are yet to come.)

Step 2:

Go out into the incredible weather and meet your exuberant friend Elena who makes awesome Spaghetti Carbonara. Sit in her charming Östermalmsapartment and drink sparkling wine, eat and hear about what’s happenend.


Step 3:

Head to one of the many great parks that seem to just pop up whereever you are going. Get ice cream and sit.

Stockholm Apr 004

Step 4:

Walk down the street in the sunshine, look at all the beautiful buildings, get infected by the happy mood everyone walking outside radiates. Be reminiscent of the former times you have walked this way, home, after a good night.

Step 5:

Meet the friend whose complete vibrancy and spritidness cannot be fully transmitted even through new media and rejoice upon reunion. Feel like you never left.


Step 6:

Let the friend give you gifts (!), listen their her analysis of Berlin and Hamburg (“I have always imagined Hamburg as a bigger Stockholm and Berlin as a, well, giant T-Centralen”). Let her take you to a place you have never been to: Rosendals Garden. Marvel at the overall beautiful arrangements and talk. Meet cute dogs and talk. Sit below apple trees and talk. And talk. And take lots of photos.


Stockholm Apr 013



Stockholm Apr 017

Andrea meeting dogs

Andrea meeting dogs

Stockholm Apr 026 Stockholm Apr 027

Stockholm Apr 031047 048

Step 7:

Take the train to your dear friend Martina. Step into one of the most classy furnished apartments you know. Reunite with all these people who you haven’t seen and who haven’t seen each other (at least some of them). Feel the Wiedersehensfreude in the room.

Stockholm Apr 044Stockholm Apr 046Stockholm Apr 043

Get offered a glass of rosé, sit on the balconcy,  enjoy an amazing view of all of Stockholm, in a circle of beloved friends, have the summer’s first hot air baloon go by and wonder why on earth you ever left.

Stockholm Apr 056Stockholm Apr 055

Step 8:

Eat vegetarian dinner and like it (!), enjoy being among this crowd. Discuss everything from corn to patterns of Instagram-likes. Hear who quit their job, got a job, bought a house, is pregnant. Discuss when to meet as a group on Gotland. Post pictures while sitting there, discover that they liked them while sitting there. Realize that that’s  not as weird as your German acquaintances claim. Get a laughing fit while leaving. (That was Martina, not me, actually.)


Step 9 (this step will negatively influence the bliss feeling):

Part from them. Ponder on that you don’t feel really the same person here and there.



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