Frank’s fault


Have you wondered where I’ve been? I hope so. Right now, I am sitting in the Swedish Church, literally in the church bench. Apart from work, that is the only place I have free wifi, and the pastor told me to go inside and just feel at home. He also said he regrets that I moved out of the church and he patted my shoulder acknowledgidly when I told him about my new job. Ingrid has a crush on him and I kind of understand why. I am starting to see him as my extra grandpa.

So by now I am all up in the moving process. I believe that after this logistic challenge I should be allowed to carry the title project manager. With the support of my parents, friends and aunts I spend most of my time coordinating people and things, calling all of Hamburg to get a hold of a car, painting the flesh-colored walls in happier shades, trying to get people to buy things – and by now I’ve even given away my bed which will be picked up on Friday. I might have to call one of the interested men that answered my notice to find a spot to sleep…?

And yes, I do not have internet right now at home. It took a while until I had found out which provider to choose (KabelDeutschland does not work in my house, 1 und 1 allows you only so many gigabyte before they put you down to GPRS speed…) and in the end, I fell, as usual, for the Swedish and the well-marketed, in short: for Frank.

The Swedish company Tele2 was also the cheapest choice after the two aforementioned, and I just love Frank. If you do not know, Frank is a sheep that regularly appears in the commercials of Tele2 in Sweden and makes fun of the Swedes’ pronunciation of cheap (“sheep”).

However, even though I called early enough, Frank’s friends sent the contract when I wasn’t home and it was some to and fro until I got it so now it take another two weeks until I am online. I had the brilliant idea to top up my mobile internet and use the iPhone for tethering only to find that Alditalk restricts tethering. (I see 50% of you googling the term as you read.) So that’s why you don’t hear from me that much.

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