Last day at work

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-14 um 16.44.24

Today is my last day at my internship job. Next week I start my “real” job at a PR agency here. It is going to be exciting to see how things develop! The first thing that is going to be new, or old-new, is that I no longer have a canteen to go to. Marathon-cooking and tupperware, you have me back!

I got flowers from my co-workers and felt almost a little bad that I do not feel bad about leaving and had not baked a cake due to a non-equipped kitchen. The nicer part of my work here has been trendspotting online. Or maybe that is a term too big for going through our Facebook newsfeed, but you do find a few fun things on the way. For example a page that I thought was hilarious and therefore want to share it with you.


Unfortunately, you miss out on the fun if you do not speak German,and sadly for those who do not have Facebook, you can’t see the page, I think, but for the 80 other percent, here you go:

Things Germans don’t say

I can identify with pretty much every sentence and yesterday my boss and I were sitting here, grinning at the computer screens:

Things Germans don’t say:

“I am completely content.” “You cannot open a beer with that. I shall not even try.” “I found the train toilet in the state I hoped for” “I am all for a speed limit on all Autobahns!” “Ah, what am I supposed to say about the weather, it’s perfect just the way it is!” “I can put as much as I can eat on my plate and then go to the buffet once more”. “Barbecuing? Overrated!” “One light and one dark break. No one needs more bread variations than that”. “Doesn’t matter which car brand, as long as it works!” “This summer is really getting too long”. “One can’t do it any better than that”. “It’s okay to lose against the Netherlands”. “Sunday Night, 8.15? I don’t have plans”. “The way my fellow countrymen abroad act is always exemplary!”

Alright, now I have to clean my desk and get going. I will be back as soon as I have wifi…!



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