German words you need: Heimwerken

023 029

I regard the fact that I do not have siblings as the biggest unfairness in my life. There are other things that suck, certainly, but the worst is probably that I do not have a sister or a brother. Oh yes, I envy you for your big brothers that you can call at 3 am in the morning. Luckily, I was blessed with a large group of aunts and uncles and my youngest aunts are only 13 years older than me. (They are twins. Everyone in my maternal family is either twins or is mother to twins, basically.)

Last weekend, my aunt Karin came to visit me, took me to a concert, bought me all kinds of food (including “nostalgic candy”) and then went to the Baumarkt with me. The Baumarkt is where people do heimwerken. The word heimwerken (homeworking) describes everything you do in your house from painting the walls to drilling holes and building new things. I hate heimwerken from the bottom of my heart and I am rather bad at it. I get the impression that Germans generally are good at it because we have a lot of Heimwerker-stores. Karin is also very good at heimwerken and she is enthusiastic about it. She manages to excite an anti-Heimwerker like me as well and together we shopped as if we were at H&M. (Or in my case maybe tantbutiken KappAhl.) She even bought me flowers for my balcony! When we came home, Karin could not help but paint my hall. That is the kind of people you want in your life! She paints the wall as if it was the easiest thing in the world while I already despair when just taping the light switches.

The next day, Anja and Francois came over and devoted their entire Sunday afternoon to painting my bed room and bathroom with me. They are also more talented than me and Anja shook her head several times when she saw my heimwerken approaches. In the end, we got the job done though: the bedroom is no longer flesh-colored but greets you now with a green-blue wall. I wanted it even darker but was told that I would get depressed in a dark green room. Now I think I will sleep there having dreams of the ocean.



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