Strong independent woman

helenyrkanLouise came over for a short visit the day after I moved. I was determined to put up the fixtures for my curtains and we went all the way to the Baumarkt like real Heimwerker after we found that the fixtures my parents had given me were too small for my windows. After the odyssey there and back we decided we were strong independent women who dare to drill (even though I am really scared to drill on Sundays, weekdays between 13-15 and after 19 because THE NOISE. You never know when they will ring the doorbell again and scream at you because you exist). The strong independent women had to conclude however that in the moving chaos we were completely unable to find the crucial part of the drilling machine. Basically, I will have to unpack everything first now to be able to find that black box again.Speaking of unpacking, it drives me mad. I spent almost a day decluttering all the boxes in the living room. You can be proud of me, I have parted from a lot of very sentimental things, more than two very large garbage bags have gone, I have given away more than two boxes and there is more to follow in the other rooms.

Decluttering all the papers from Swedish beginners class

Decluttering all the papers from Swedish beginners class

Unfortunately the impulse to let go of everything usually only lasts a short while for me after carrying up all my belongings. That is the point where I always feel that “no way on earth do I have to have all this” and “I feel crushed by the mounting boxes”. This time, it has gotten so far that I have said to several witnesses that I should only own one or two pieces of signature furniture and otherwise move through life without beds and tables and shoe racks and chairs and mirrors. Let me just make this clear, I really do not think I own more than other people. It is just that they move less often so that it does not show as much. They also have entire rooms at their parents still while I now assemble everything on my own 46 square metres. But whatever – I need to go back to the boxes before the declutter impulse goes away…


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