In digital no man’s land

Could you please save earth? (Sticker seen at Berliner Tor today.)

Could you please save earth? (Sticker seen at Berliner Tor today.)

I really wish I could deliver an entertaining blog post, write a cheerful article. But you should be happy I can connect to the outer world at all. Today I spent some 30 minutes in the hotline of my internet provider (again!) asking how it is possible that they sent me a letter stating my internet should work by May 22nd when it does not work at all. “Well, actually we will need you to be home on June 17th because then a technician will come and start up your connection”.

June 17th is two MONTHS from the day I ordered and after complaining to four different people they felt they could grant me a 20 euro gift certificate to make up for my being completely cut off from the world. I mean, I cannot pay bills, I cannot sell all the stuff that piles up here, I cannot watch tv, I cannot tell Skatteverket where to send my money, my conversations with you are typed on my phone’s tiny keyboard. So I spent my evening running around to find a place that sells so called surfsticks and of course everything closes at 8, a time that I could barely make.

When I got to real, the only place still open, I was met by two boys who had no idea whatsoever of their products. They did not know how much the data packages cost, how to order them, which company had better reception. The two young sales men could not check these things either or call the company; they explained to me that “I just sell these”. Ehm, that is like working in a bakery and not knowing if the bread is made of white or dark flour. Or like working in Stockholm Tourist Center and being ignorant to the fact that there are tours in Stadshuset. How can you not know AT ALL what you are selling? In the end, I had to call the company with my own phone to make a buying decision.

Making choices all the time, everywhere - in the store as well as on Sunday at the elections.

Making choices all the time, everywhere – in the store as well as on Sunday at the elections. I was not eligible to vote in the local elections because I only have lived here for 2 months and 25 days, so five days short of voting rights. Feel weird, I can tell you.

And now I am here, home at ten, called them again because you have to register the internet stick, just to find that “It will activate after an hour”. Well, goodbye paying bills for today as well then. At 11 I will probably be knocked out in bed after my next door neighbors last night saw it fit to watch loud Russian tv until 1 am and my upstairs neighbors, physically attacking each other, screamed so loudly I heard what they were saying. Good thing I took the chance to buy ear props while I was in the real store anyway…

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