Happy Sweden Friday!

Awesome breakfast company

Awesome breakfast company

Today is Sweden’s National Day, an occasion that mostly lacks traditions.  Last year, I spent it in Uppsala in a park with a bbq. This year, my friend Joraine came from Sweden yesterday and we spent an lovely evening with Ingrid At the Blue Table, discussing the important topic “Whose last names we would be willing to take?” If you are on the list of people whose last name I would adopt, I will let you know in due time. If you meet Mr or Miss von Fallersleben, you please let me know. 

This morning, we remembered it is National Day and I dug out the only flag I kept to place it on the table. I am currently de-elking my apartment and also the overload of Swedish flags (well, two) that you can only use on maximum three days of the year (Midsummer’s, National Day, and Eurovision) had to go.

Apart from working on a project alarmingly similar to my work from two years ago (Dublettenabgleich and Excel are the keywords), I was had the pleasure of facebook-witnessing two of my French-born friends being welcomed by Crown Princess Victoria as new citizens during the National Day Ceremony. Things just keep adding to my list of Life Dreams. 😉

Tonight sees my first National Day celebration at the Swedish Church. The choir is called to sing and cake and sparkling wine has been promised by the consul. Even thought I do find it slightly funny to be celebrating the 6th of June in Germany, it’s right across work and: cake.


I can’t help loving Estelle. Or, in PR-Speak: I believe Princess Estelle is the most powerful testimonial for the brand Swedish Royal House. Photo: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se


P.S.: Yes, I am experimenting with the layout. Well observed.

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