Five things I have not adjusted Part 2: Freedom of Choice

I already wrote that the grocery store is a stage of readjustment for me. Not only the packing, also the fact that you cannot go shopping on Sundays presents a challenge for a repat. I am proud to say that by now, in 80% of cases, I remember to buy food for Sundays and do not have to order pizza. (I am not saying it is great Sunday dinners, but leftovers can be tasty if you are really hungry.)

One thing that still alienates me (and at the same time my continued (!) alienation amazes me) is the free sale of alcohol. I know it is legal and yet every time I pass the long rows of only alcoholic beverages offered at a reasonable price, my initial thought is: “LOOK AT THIS, they are selling alcohol. JUST LIKE THAT. Anyone could come in here and buy vodka for only five euros! This is so irresponsible!”

Joraine matkasse! :-D

Joraines matkasse! 😀

Yesterday my Gothenburg-based friend Joraine visited and as we stepped into Aldi and saw lots of wine and cider on sale, our eyes widened and we had to immediately buy it because who knows when there will be cheap wine sold freely again? Oh, that’s right, all the time.

I usually pick up courage after a few seconds or so and remember that it is Swedish to think people cannot handle alcohol responsibly.The sweet freedom of choosing whether or not you want to get drunk on a Saturday at 6 pm – maybe Sweden should try it…?


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