When I don’t post

…others do.


Many days, my internet does not work. I have not taken any good photos. Nothing I can share has happened. Or I only come home at 10.30 pm and my typing would heavily disturb my neighbour from below. Those days, don’t despair. Turn to Ingrid and Annelie!

Annelie is the woman who (kind of) inspired my moving to Germany (Thank you I guess). She got to know me last year as we were working together in Stockholm and decided she wanted to go to the country where people were like me. At least that is what I tell myself. Annelie who we call Olga and who calls me Bettan now resides in Berlin and thrives as only a non-German can. 😀 Within four months (she thinks it’s six and thus is maybe the only person on earth that is worse at maths than me), Annelie secured a job, apartment and future husband. Chapeau!, as (old) Germans (who teach at high school) would say.  Read Olga’s Berlin Bible and her rants about German bureaucracy here: http://olgainberlin.wordpress.com/

Stole this photo from Ingrid. Then again, I took it. So technically it's mine, right?

Stole this photo from Ingrid. Then again, I took it. So technically it’s mine, right?

Ingrid is – really, do I need to explain who Ingrid is? The lady who has her own hashtag on my blog? I think not. Ingrid is my friend who sympathizes with every part of my Sweden homesickness, Ingrid is my choir sister that can keep the alto voice, Ingrid takes delivery of the shoes/dresses/bathing suits/wall paint I order, Ingrid is my partner in the Heling Agency for Awesomeness. Also, Ingrid is a comedian, DJane and artist, and since a few days, a blogger. Sometimes she lets me proof read the texts and then I feel really smart and helpful and very PR-ish. So far, Ingrid blogs in German but if enough of click her site from outside of Germany, we should be able to turn that around. Until then, look at her brilliant artwork: http://www.ingridwenzel.de


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