Homecoming Queen

Yesterday Andrea emailed me to ask about when I was arriving. Today I replied the following:


02 juli 2014

Storslagen återförening på Stockholm Central

Ikväll kl 20:51 händer det en internationell återförening på Stockholms centralstation. Andrea, president på FNs ungdomssektion, och Helen, ordförande i Liechtensteins vänsterparti, möts igen efter 66 dagar av längtan. Andrea och Helen är både medlem i The Golden Hearts of V 14.

”Den senaste tiden har varit väldigt tuff så det känns oerhört roligt att äntligen få träffas igen”, säger Helen inför resan. Evenemanget äger rum på pendeltågets perrongen då Helen anländer direkt från Arlanda flygplats.

Stort offentligt intresse förväntas men Nina Cronehag, eventansvarig på Jernhusen som driver Stockholms centralstation, förklarar att man försöker hålla händelsen så privat som möjligt. ”Vi förstår att medierna vill få en glimt av det som händer ikväll med tanke på vad en kooperation mellan Liechtensteins vänster och FN kan betyda men vi kommer skydda de inblandades privatsfär”.

Klubben The Golden Hearts of V 14 grundades 2013 och har sju medlemmar världen över. The Golden Hearts är en grupp som jobbar aktivt för att främja internationella personliga relationer.

För ytterligare information: Elena Zar, presschef, The Golden Hearts, tfn +46 8 1804 – 136 goldenheart@v14-pr.com


02 july 2014

Grand reunion at Stockholm Central Station

Tonight 8:51 pm sees an international reunion at Stockholm Central Station. Andrea, president of the UN Youth Section, and Helen, leader of the Left Party of Liechtenstein (LPL), meet again after 66 days of separation. Both are members in the exclusive club The Golden Hearts of V14.

“These past weeks have been extremely trying so I’m absolutely thrilled to get to meet again”, Helen said before the trip.

The event is scheduled to take place on the platform of the commuter train with which Helen arrives directly from Arlanda airport.Nina Cronehag, event manager at Jernhusen that runs Stockholm Central Station, expects large public interest but is quick to point out that Jernhusen tries to keep this event a private affair. “We realize that the media wants to get a glimpse tonight considering what a cooperation between the United Nations and Liechtenstein’s Left Party can mean. But we will guard the privacy of those involved”.

The club The Golden Hearts of V14 was founded in 2013 and has seven members spread out globally. The Golden Hearts is an association that actively works to enhance international personal relations.

For further information:

Elena Zar, head of press relations, The Golden Hearts, phone +46 8 1804 – 136 goldenheart@v14-pr.com




Our plane was fifteen minutes late. Whatever happened to the German virtue of punctuality? Sometimes I think all those German virtues have gone and hidden somewhere because I do not encounter a lot of them.

The fact that we were fifteen minutes later undermined my plans. I had to run all over Arlanda airport because  I was determined to get to the 20:13 train – and I did not even have a ticket yet. Time has become my absolutely most valuable currency. When the girls asked me why I did not take the bus, I replied, “The bus takes 45 minutes. The train takes 38!”

Luckily, I made it to the train (with the narrow margin of 30 seconds). Upplands Väsby,  I hardly had time to look outside because I was so excited.  Sollentuna, the light is so beautifully different here. Karlberg, now it is only minutes left from the weeks and days I counted down from.

And then I get out of the train and on the entire other end of the platform there is a tall, light blue figure. And she waves with a giant balloon. As I approach her, she starts a happy dance and I read on the balloon, “Welcome home, Helen!” After a homecoming hug, I suddenly see two others emerge behind her: Martina and Mia who have also come to welcome me. Martina grabs a hold of my luggage and carries it all the way home to Andrea where I get to live (the most awesome, most cozy place, breathing Andrea-spirit (“That cupboard door is hanging loose, I like to live a la boheme”). Word falls short of describing the special feeling of being thrown back into this former, much loved life.


This lovely lady has to get up at 4 am but still sits with me and drinks tea, hosts me and provides me with everything I need, including cooked carrots.

Over tea and lit candles we started discussing all kinds of things. Martina explained to me that she missed me at work, “I miss having you as my hustysk“. I have decided that this title (“professional German”/”Hausdeutsche”) is totally going up my list of honor titles. Hustysk Helen, nice to meet you!

We also fantasized about where we should go on a trip as a group. Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Budapest were suggested, and Andrea brought up Oslo, only to quickly say, “I am kidding!” In case you wondered about what the Swedish think of Norway.

Andrea and I concluded the evening with breathing helium and singing songs from Hairspray. I feel like the homecoming queen and she’s my ball date. (Sorry, Ingrid. But I talked about you a lot tonight!)


Andrea sings “Come so far” with me. We complete each other’s lines. ❤

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