The Golden Hearts on Gotland


How can you be tired from just lying on a beach all day in perfect weather? That is what Martina and I are wondering right now as we are lying on the guest bed of Josefine’s very hospitable mom.

While a few days ago, Gotland was experiencing rain and temperatures around 15 degrees, the island weather has changed completely to welcome us. So today we drove to the beach in Tofta, enjoyed the pleasant breeze and beaming sun with occasional trips to the water.

I learned new words such as manet (which means jelly fish and I think you can guess why I learned that) and I read the book “Egenmäktig förfarande” to Magda. Even though the book is full of words I either do not know or really have to concentrate to pronounce correctly, Magda seemed to extremely enjoy hearing me read to her. I was once again attested a eh, sensual voice.

We ate water melon just like you a supposed to on a beach and took countless photos. Jossan started saying that we need to divide the instagramming rights so that not all of us instagram the same photo.

After-beach consisted of seeing Pippi Longstocking’s house (the real one where they filmed the movie!) and visiting Högklint which is cliff very high up that presents a spectacular view of the nature.

There would probably be much more to write and photos to show but we’re headed to downtown Visby (that town is just like one big charming Old Town/Gamla Stan) to finally meet Andrea for dinner.



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