Happy Friend Friday!


Hamburg is boiling with 30 degrees and sunshine and I am not even irritated by it because Michelle is here. With Michelle, I shall head to the beach club and feel summery. She came yesterday and immediately brightened up my existence. For example by having home made delicious cookies with her. Or by making a incredibly tasty salad. Or slicing melon for me for breakfast. Okay, I just realized all of that had to do with food. Let me clarify: I cherish Michelle mostly for non-food reasons. She also proof-read for me, she told me inspiring stories and we could discuss the Sommar i P 1 programs. I often wonder if it is fate, coincident or just amazing luck to meet people you click so well with. And now we have two days to go to enjoy each other’s company!

On Wednesday, I went to a Hamburg sky bar. I love skybars. Or, actually, I have only been to two, both in Stockholm and thought they were breathtaking. I am not going to lie: Hamburg’s aerial view does not evoke the same feelings in me, but it is still pretty awesome.  At the bar I met Alexandra.  We have been Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Pinterest/every online network except dating sites friends for over two years. We are both in two different, separate circles of friends (the Euroculture class and the Heidelberg Erasmus Students 2011). She first wrote to me when Bianca told her I had studied what she was planning to study. Then, three months ago, I moved to the city she had been living in for a year. Finally, on Wednesday, we met. It’s funny because social media makes you feel like you have met before. We sat in the bar that my co-workers had described as really expensive and very dressed-up (I can report: the prices were still a little lower than the crazy Swedish cocktail prices and the dress code was casual) and discussed the Sorrows of Young Euroculturettes.

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