Challenge, declined

I named my first blog The Repat Challenge because I thought, when coming back to Germany, I would repatriate. I would re-Germanize. Well, it turns out, I am still under the Swedish spell and I move in Scandi circles a lot. All the books on my night stand are currently Swedish but I have at least stopped listening to the useless Swedish radio most mornings.


#mydanishintern drew this logo for me. I suppose when someone draws you, you can read a lot into it, in this case I can read that she sees me very favorably and she thinks I wear bows.

It has almost been six months, I realized shocked this week, and I still can look up to the metro window when I was lost in thoughts and for a second think and in the next also be bewildered by myself: “Is this already the Slussen stop?”

And so #mydanishintern coined the word dvensk. What originally described the language we use with each other, a mix of Danish and Swedish, was then re-interpreted to describe me. German with a Swedish twist.

That’s why I’ve given up the Repat Challenge. I’m here, I’ll be dvensk and we all just have to deal with it.  😉 I think we’re all just gonna go out of this very fine, hopefully bringing out the best parts of Swedishness combined with the German excellence – simply, dvensk. Or schweutsch or tyvensk if you must. Or Gerdish or Swerman.

P.S.: I am still figuring out this new blog, and I am proud to have successfully moved the old posts here.

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