Danger for the wallet

My friend Annika, who Emily and I refer to as Swedish Annika even though she is German – or actually, Dvensk – to distinguish her from my other friend Annika who is not Dvensk (but if anything Despañol) sent me a link. A dangerous link. Oh, so dangerous for the wallet. 

The artist Jazzberry Blue (sounds like a Hollywood star’s child’s name) created a series of city portaits. Jazzberry is a self-taught artist in Canada whose art is influenced by Asia as he studied in India. His abstract, colorful city maps have enthused Annika and me immediately. I have been sitting in front of the Stockholm picture, tracing the streets around Karlaplan and Gärdet with my computer mouse, reminiscing on my walking up and down there in the snow. Annika wants the Hamburg one and I like that, too, but it has cut off my street.

When I considered framing Stockholm city maps that I explained so many times to tourists, Ingrid – my artist friend – told me it was a tasteless act of Nordic Talking to do so and that I needed a more artsy way to do that. Now I’ve found it! This is definitely going up on my wish list.

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