The German desire

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I think everyone should go to Gotland. Really.

The Germans (the Nordic Talkers especially, and I will, hopefully with the help of Ingrid as a guest blogger, explain the difference between Nordic Talkers and Dvensks later) have a long-standing yearing for Sweden. I was actually once considering to write my Master’s Thesis about this so I have a huge pile of paper with scientific literature on why the Germans have made Sweden their desired country. Some scholars say, Germans see Sweden as “the society we had become if it had not been for Hitler” (as a historian, cultural observer and Dvensk, I object to this view), others believe it is Astrid Lingdren that gave the Germans the “Bullerbü-syndrome”. (Swedish explaination here)  It is a fascinating subject but so far I have not come to any definite conclusions. Whatever it was, Germans make up the majority of tourists in Sweden and only the Danish buy more summer houses in Sweden. That said, it may not surprise you to find documentaries about Sweden on German television. Tonight saw the broadcasting of two shows, one on the Stockholm archipelago (which equals my definition of paradise) and one on Gotland, the extremely charming island I was lucky to visit this summer. I think you can still watch both online. I saw parts of it and they’re actually quite nice: NDR Documentaries

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