Working mom

#mydanishintern made this for me.

#mydanishintern made this for me.

This morning, I got a glimpse of what it must be like to be a working mother. I find it is already challenging to be a working person caring for exactly one person, myself. Luckily, I am not a single mother. I have Ingrid as my fellow parent to care for – yes, the Telekom-man. We’ve talked about this before. This is the fourth (!) day that Ingrid sits in my apartment to wait for a technician that is supposed to fix my internet. I obviously cannot stay home every time they want to come by, “between 8 and 12 or between 13 and 17”. It’s like having a child without having access to childcare. You need to be home, awake, constantly available and coordinate your life around it. At least, the technicians are much easier to handle than small children. So Ingrid works night shifts as a DJ and I work daytime at the office. We only meet at the door in the morning when Ingrid comes in and hands me a pain au chocolat – she is a really good fellow parent – and I rush out to work. Needless to say, we barely see each other these days. I understand that many real parents that work full-time struggle to maintain a meaningful relationship!

Then at work, I am slightly worried all the time and try to look at my phone in case something is going wrong at home. Just like I imagine it must be for parents with sick children at home. This time again, the Telekom person could not fix anything. I really hope our child grows up fast.  

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