Berlin City Girl


Sure, Berlin’s the capital but I don’t mind lying on that sofa watching “Bron” either.

Tomorrow I am going on my first ever business trip! I think business trips are the kinds of things that sound very glamorous but are not in reality. It usually means something really important is happening with your business that you’d rather not screw up, your carefully planned weekly schedule is disrupted (which led to me buying goggles which I will explain later this week) and also, you need to sleep in unknown beds and think ahead what to wear. Now this sounds like I don’t know how to do that, I do. I am totally going to pack now super ahead-thinkingly and I am rather confident that our task – an event I was heavily involved in planning – will go right. Even though stress levels go up before events, I find it a professional field that fits me very well. Since school times, I remember I enjoyed the role of hostess. (Our class once acted as guides and hostesses at a school festivity, the Mother-Julie-Party as we at our nun-run school called it.)

So tomorrow morning I’ll nonchalantly get on the super fast ICE train to Berlin and will for the first time experience just how closely Hamburg and Berlin are connected.  Since a new train track was buildt some years ago, it only takes 90 minutes. There are actually people who commute between both cities, something that deeply fascinates me. I will probably need more time to get through Berlin to Annelie later because of course you don’t just go to Berlin and not hang out with Annelie!


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