The non-post


Hamburg architecture

Hamburg architecture

I thought my last post had been a week ago and was constantly feeling bad but now that I checked, I see it has only been 3 days. Maybe I feel so pressured to write because I have these some ideas I want to put down and then I never get around to it. I have been wondering how I was capable of blogging to much more before and I realized: The reason is simple, I now prioritize sleep. This does by no means mean that I actually sleep the needed amount of 8ish hours. I either can’t fall asleep, or hunt spiders, or wake up from my nightmares in which someone has moved all the desks in the office and I cannot find mine again, something that could never happen unless someone removed the Swedish and Danish flag from my desk.

I am slowly getting into my autumn routines – I have been doing the same things for three weeks now which is a good thing. Meticulous planning is the only way for me to at least kind of get done all the things I want to do in so little time. As you might know, I even pre-cook and plan my lunch three weeks in advance. (And I eat lentil soup on the days that follow busy nights because lentil soup does not need any freshly cooked side dish. I am starting to sound compulsive but really I am giving you valuable tips here!)

So the point of this non-post is to inform you that I would write more interesting things if only I had the time. Until then, enjoy two pictures of my pretty neighbourhood.


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