Blissful balloons

Pernille's pride

Pernille’s pride

If you ever want to brighten your own day and others’ days, I have the ultimate suggestion for you: get some colorful balloons filled with helium. I have a thing for helium ballons. When I heard Josefine and Martina would come to Hamburg for a flying visit, I took the opportunity to cycle to Aufsteiger which literally means (social) climber but also refers to someone/thing that is flown. Aufsteiger is a shop where you can buy all kinds of party things and mostly balloons. I bought five in the colors of joy and happiness and tied them to my bike. Cycling through the sunshine with the wind playing with the balloons made me feel as if I was in a happy-go-lucky-movie. When I stopped at a traffic light, little children with their parents would look her me, their eyes widening. “Look, mommy, look at the ballons!” 

So you’re sad and depressed, life sucks and you have two euros to spare? Go get yourself a balloon.


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