You may hate me now

carpetI was supposed to be saying goodbye this very minute to the course instructor of “Back workout for the muscle-free” (of course that is not what the course is called but we all share the experience of at least some disk despair). Instead, I am sitting on my sofa with a big cup of tea and lit candles. Because #mydanishintern infected me with her cold. At least that is what I think and I definitely have a cold considering how eight hours of sleep still left me feeling hungover. Also, I have used up all available tissues at the office.

The only nice thing is that I get to sit inside and enjoy my carpet. I bought a new carpet from IKEA with Anja last week. Wiebke had recommended getting one and after I had checked with my interior designer Michelle, I covered my sleek laminat floor with a light carpet that I just want to play footsie with all the time basically. I think you can tell what a good purchase is from the way your heart is delighted everytime you see it.

Today I considered renting out my apartment 8.30 to 21 each day because I am never there then anyway (attention burglars, sometimes I deviate from that schedule or force Ingrid to hang out here. Plus, I do not even own a TV to steal). I figured that after sleep, travel and work, I have 6 hours left every day and that is before I dothelaundryshoppingcookingcleaningerrandsattendchoirgymclassblogmeetfriendsadministratemylife.

I am not complaining (just a little). I am just saying that suddenly I am not surprised anymore that I constantly feel chased. Instead, I should be amazed, I manage to get some stuff done at all. Again, I just do not get how people with children survive. Logistically and emotionally. I mean, I am aggrieved already by the time I spend apart from my carpet.

Fall has come to Hamburg this week and #mydanishintern said: On the weekend summer will return. I sighed as a reply. You may hate me know but I long for wearing warmer dresses, for lighting candles and being able to open the window without fearing a mosquito invasion. I longed for fall and winter, the seasons where my longing for Sweden as a geographical place turns into longing “only” for the people that live there (and they can often be imported unlike the nature). I longed for fall where everyone is grumpy because of the weather and one does not have to be cheerful just because it is warm and sunny. Then again, I am positive that this friendly feeling towards the darker half of the year will only last very shortly. I will be back with loud complaints latest in November…;-)

“We are only going out[side] to find someone to stay in with”. My co-worker showed me a nice blog I didn’t know: You can get freebies there.

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