Kudos to #mydanishintern

Emotional day

Emotional day

Today is Christin’s last day at work. It is the end of an era, the era of #mydanishintern. Some crucial things have changed at work and beyond in the three months she was sitting opposite me. I learned some Danish and I started appreciating that funny language. She coined a new word, my new blog title and an expression for what I’ve become. She became both recipient and writer of the rant-emails that we wouldn’t share with anyone else. A new hashtag was established online and #mydanishintern became a known figure among my friends and followers. She constantly reminded me that I was old when I didn’t know the latest internet phenomenon. And also very important: she made me a new logo for the blog. (The deal: I will proofread her thesis in return.) Have you noticed it? Maybe you are still irritated by me trying out all these different blog layouts and have missed it, but here it is, created by the one and only #mydanishintern:

dvensk unten

With me interfering, she chose the picture that Malin took of me when I was most tired in all of 2013 but at the same time happiest.


So kudos to #mydanishintern! It’s a shame you are leaving, work won’t be the same. Next Monday will suck!

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