Work Week Song #41: Euphoria

As some of you know, I have a history with „Euphoria”. When my friend Christian had just recently met me and we stood on our corridor, some 20 metres from the dancefloor, engaged in conversation, someone put on Loreen’s Eurovision song and without even properly exiting the conversation, I sprinted to the dancefloor.

I also have a history with calling radio stations and requesting songs. Or at least when I was in 6th grade I once did that to request “Killing me softly”, a song we sang in music class.

So when my co-workers put on Radio Hamburg where during the afternoon you can request songs, the idea came up to call them. Of course I did! My co-worker said I should ask for Euphoria (NB: not my idea, but I was more than happy to do that) and I quickly came up with a reason why and told the host, “Because the song reflects our work attitude. Even this late in the afternoon, we are euphorically doing our job”. (The Fake it till you make it approach, you know.) We were put on air, I did some own PR for us and my colleagues obeyed the radio host’s demand to dance on the table.

No dancing. Except on tables.

No dancing. Except on tables.

P.S.: The only faux-pas was that I forgot to mention we are looking for an intern.

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