I have a housewife now

“Can’t wait for tonight! I made tea for when you’re back and a set of culinary choices that you can take with you for lunch to work”. “[Photo of the dishwasher] Which programm should I use?” “When are you coming home? I am going to stock up on candles and toilet paper until then”.

These are the kinds of text I have been getting this week. What’s happening?, you are wondering. I will tell you: I got myself a housewife. Suddenly I understand why this life style model is so popular in Germany. You have someone at home who can do the grocery shopping, welcome the electrician, cook your lunch and very important, use all the living space that goes to waste by you sitting at your office desk ten hours a day.

When you come home, there is someone waiting for you and you get to talk about your day and tell all the crazy stories. I think that’s quite nice. I am still training my house wife, so she learned this week how to do the egg test. (On German television, we had a show called “Bride School” where young women were trained to become a 1950s housewive. #onlyingerman #backlash) I think everyone should know the egg test so I will make this a service post:

Fill a bowl with cold water and place your first egg inside. Is your egg sinking to the bottom? Congratulations! It is fresh no matter what the date on the carton says. If the egg floating on the top, you do actually need to throw it away. This is a time-tested secret and I want you all to start using it because we must not waste food and you know that. 😉

Who’s this housewife now? You might have figured already. It’s fabulous Ingrid who temporarily moved in with me. Now she can use all the six aprons I own.


P.S.: I don’t make her do all the above-mentioned housework. 

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