He turns 50!

293Today my stepdad is turning 50! Don’t you wish you had a stepdad that young? (Plus, he’s is also handsome and nice, i.e. pretty awesome.)

DJ Ingrid and I were at his party last night, he celebrated into his birthday. (Ingrid was there as the official DJ, I was there as the official stepdaughter.) Because my stepdad is young, handsome and nice, i.e. pretty awesome, I decided I should try to give him an awesome gift. Maybe you know this problem but giving presents to men is difficult (I am being very un-gender-correct here) and giving presents to men that can actually buy anything they want themselves is even more difficult. So you need to come up with something that cannot be bought. One thing that is non-purchasable is a memory. Well, I thought, there must be tons of memories of all the people who come to the party – they all have known him for quite a while. I set out to write to every single person on the invitation list that my mom secretly made available to me. It is really a good thing I have a stamp with my address and a little sponge that I can dip into water to moisten the self-sealing envelopes. You can tell I am professional when I send Christmas cards, right?


After a few weeks, people started sending me letters and emails. It was his sister who recalled her big brother helping her out, it was his nephew remembering going to the golf course with him, it was his best friend recounting a funny story of them in a museum. His secretary dug out photos from a hilarious Christmas party and attested that the company had never had a boss so beloved by the employees since my stepdad left. His soccer friends shared late night party memories; his co-workers remembered mastering tough times together.

Getting all these memories and carefully putting them into envelopes was such a pleasant and moving thing to – I was once more confirmed that many share my opinion that my stepdad is pretty awesome. (His looks were not explicitly mentioned in the memories.)

Congratulations on your awesomeness and Happy 50th Birthday!


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