“Don’t you have a scepter?!”

IMG_0946IMG_0941I have been running late and stressing a little with my over-burdened schedule but as far as I’m concerned it’s been a lovely day. Very beloved people whose mere demeanor is an inspiration to me, gorgeous locations and late night deep talks.

The funniest thing I did today was probably when our group of what we call The Golden Hearts was waiting for our lasagna to be done. Suddenly, I decided that we needed to take a “Royal Picture”. It’s something I learned from the class under me that studied in my Master’s. In Uppsala, there were always many times when we dressed up for formal dinners and they then took the opportunity to stage royal pictures in ball gowns and tuxedos. So when I saw my friend Magdalena sitting so classy in Andrea’s Carl-Malmsten-armchair, I was immediately reminded of the “Royal Picture Taking”. Andrea who had been in the kitchen came back to the living room to find me arranging everyone for the photo and did not even question the fact that we now had to take a “Royal Picture”. I mean, of course. It’s like reading Schiller before dinner. Some things just need to be done.

Let me just tell you: we had a blast. This is one of the most fun things I can recommend to do. People started shouting questions such as, “Don’t you have a tiara here? Where’s a scepter? Get a sash, please?” After all requisites were in place (pyjamas becames sashes, a candlesnuffer the scepter and big necklaces the tiaras), we had a really hard time to look royal instead of bursting out in laughter.

Please meet King Linus I and Queen Magdalena,Crown  Princes Andrea, Princesses Martina, Mia and Helen as well as the servant Josefine.


Failed attempts:

This would have been THE picture if not Jossan had been missing...

This would have been THE picture if not Jossan had been missing…


Behind the scenes:


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