Friend Management*

040I really need to change my visitor’s scheme. (I realize that is not even a word.) My days in Stockholm were filled with running from one place to the other, being late and having too little time with everyone. Definitely going for a new strategy there. If anyone wants to be my distant friendship consultant, you can apply through the comment field.

The running around does though not mean that it was not absolutely terrific to get to meet all these awesome people. On Sunday, I took a walk with Bianca to Rosendals Garden. If you ever go to Stockholm, I recommend you to visit Rosendals café and flower shop. In the afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet Nicola who introduced me to a new café at St Eriksplan. This is definitely the biggest first world problem I have but I always seem to go to the same cafes in Stockholm so I was rather thrilled to find out about Borgs bageri, a very charming café. (If you get the impression that I only hang around in cafes all the time, you are pretty much right. Swedes pride themselves on their fika culture!) I even met a CELEBRITY there. Not sure if I am more excited about sitting next to him or the fact that I actually know and recognized a famous baker. Roy Fares bakes on TV and writes books about baking. I have an inkling that my friends will say that only old ladies watch/read him, but after I was asked twice at two different Pressbyråns (!) if I was over 20, I think I can afford to do old ladies’ things.


I took a picture of the food and noticed only later that the celebrity shows in the background. If there is something I know it is that Stockholmers do so not care about meeting famous people. I call the phenomenon the Stockholm Indifference. (Exceptions seem to prove the rule #fredriklindströmoment)

I proved my juvenile carelessness today at least when I – after having several wonderful meetings with former colleagues – zick-zacked through town (“I just have to quickly return this”, “I will only go buy that before leave”), speed-packed and got to the airport train literally one minute before it left. As a measure of time-effectiveness, I travelled together with Elisa who is commuting between Stockholm and Uppsala. And between those two is the airport! So we got to update each other one our lives and started planning our next meeting which will most likely include my belated birthday party.

At the airport then, they asked me if I was on exchange in Germany and if I was coming back for Christmas. That was a nice last Swedish compliment. Has it really been five days? It feels like I got to Arlanda yesterday.



*Ingrid picked the title






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