Helen wants a farmer


You know the show “Bauer sucht Frau”/”Bonder söker fru”/Farmer wants a wife”? Today, I reenacted this tv programme in one way or another and titled my work day, “Helen wants a farmer”, or maybe rather, Helen hunts journalists specialised in farming. Together with my coworker, I was at a huge fair for agriculture in Hanover for a client. Everytime I do jobs like that I am surprised how standing and talking can be so extremely exhausting. My coworker informed me that 5 hours of standing up is like an hour of jogging. That explains a lot.

We completed a quite successful day on which I, apart from doing my job, also met calves, saw the creme de la creme of agri-business (for once it was useful to have grown up next to companies like Big Dutchman and Grimme) and learned that farmers with checked shirts can be categorized as follows: the larger the squares, the less hectar he owns. That is why I paid more attention to the farmers with the smallest squares on their bodies.

There were also amazingly many children there as well as quite some teenagers. I suppose they are all heirs to large farms? My coworker and I had considered staying late to attend the “Young Farmers’ Party” to find above mentoned farmers network more for our client, but we decided against it after all: Tomorrow is not only a regular work day but also the first Lucia appearance of my choir!

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