Press Release: Internet reinstated at The Blue Table

I wrote a press release on my co-worker’s life today. She said I should only be doing that kind of things. I agreed that, actually, I should only communicate through press releases. So here is one for you – with sensational news!

Press Release: Internet reinstated at The Blue Table

After several days of complete internet failure, the broadband connection is now up and working again at the Helen Enterprises Headquarters, The Blue Table. Helen had previously taken all possible measures to pressurize the provider that was unable to assist in any way.

The press and communication work of Helen Enterprises and famous DJane Ingrid had been severely limited by the lacking connectivity. “Eventually, I updated my blog from my phone with a 3 G connection”, Ingrid explains repelled.

Readapting to 2014 proves a difficult transition

The reaction to the suddenly reinstated internet was a perplex one. After days on end without other media than telephone and radio, Helen had gotten used to not communicating much to the outside. She is currently still in the phase of readapting to the online world. “Once you get so accustomed to a pre-1998 lifestyle, this new situation is a challenge”, Helen reports. “All of a sudden, you are faced with countless emails and Facebook to react to, not to mention all the entertainment offers the internet gives you”.

Ingrid’s and Helen’s extensive weekend obligations may delay their return to the digital sphere. With both users being booked almost all weekend, readers can only hope for virtual updates.

The cause of the internet disruption remains unknown.

About Helen Enterprises

Helen Enterprises (HE) is a global group of companies that offer a wide range of services including tourism, word presents, PR, Germanification and Swedification, royal information services and awesomeness. While the HE headquarters are located in Hamburg, the group operates businesses in Stockholm, London and New York as well.

For further information, contact

Ellen von Liechtenstein

Chief Press Officer at Helen Enterprises

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