Advent calendar

Today is the first of December and for every German (and actually also Swedish) child, this means the first door of the advent calendar may be opened. What a thrill! Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes. Some have little chocolates, others big presents, some are bought, some self-made, but all of them hold 24 surprises. This beautiful Christmas tradition should be taking place on this blog as well, I decided. So what kind of gifts can I bring to the manger? As your personal German, your Hustysk, I will bring you – German! Twenty-four odd but useful German idioms shall be explained in December here. I have done this before with different idioms in a non-virtual form for an exclusive audience, but this should be all new. And for all of you.

Let’s start with the first “door”!

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: Lass mal die Kirche im Dorf.

Literal Translation: Leave the church in the village.

How to use it: Let’s say you are having a discussion with your German friend, Günther. Günther is complaining about how taxes are so high in Germany he hardly has anything left to live on. You feel Günther is really getting carried away and has lost all realistic thinking. “After all these taxes, I live on two euros a day”, Günther says grumpily. “Come on”, you reply, “leave the church in the village!” With this idiom, you can ask Günther to stop exaggerating – now isn’t that useful!

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