The fourth door: Full bags

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: Das kommt nicht in die Tüte!

Literal Translation: That does not come into (tote/shopping) bag!

How to use it: Elvira and Günther are discussing New Year’s Eve. Of course there are many things to consider and compromises to be made. Elvira prefers to be with her family, Günther wants to be with friends. She can imagine staying in town to first see family and then meet with friends, but when Günther suggests they should travel into the forest to get drunk with his friends in a cabin, Elvira rejects the idea heavily by saying, “That does not come into the bag!” If you, like Elvira, need to make clear in German that you are really against a proposal, you inform your dialogue partner about the contents of your bag.

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