Put in the sand

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: etwas in den Sand setzen

Literal translation: to put something into the sand

In Germany, the drawing of the lottery numbers on TV takes place each Wednesday and each Saturday. Many Germans play the lottery twice every week for years and decades. Elvira is frugal and sensible woman so she would never do that. Her colleague and friend Sabine, however, cannot resist when the kiosks put up posters saying “48 million euro in the jackpot on Saturday”.


Not only can you put money in the sand, you can also put an exam or a relationship in the sand. It is not a good thing to do in any case.


She hurried to the shop across the street and bought her lottery tickets for ten euros. On Monday, Elvira asked how the Saturday drawing went. “Oh”, Sabine replies bummed, “I did not win a cent. I put ten euros into the sand!”



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