Canadian Cousin

At the Beatles Square on Reeperbahn

At the Beatles Square on Reeperbahn: Evelina, Ingrid, my cousin Kiarmin and me

Last weekend, my cousin from Canada visited me. “Whaaaaat”, you say, “you have a Canadian cousin?” Well, actually I even have two. (We counted that we are in total 16 cousins in 6 countries on my paternal side.) Since they grew up on a different continent, we have never met and when Kiarmin dropped me a line on Facebook saying he is in Scotland and is considering to come to Hamburg, I thought: ’bout time we met!

From the moment we caught sight of each other on the metro platform, we were chatting away as if we had met several times before. After three days in Hamburg, he even knew the city better than me and could explain things on the Reeperbahn to me. (Thanks to me forcing sending him on a Free Walking Tour though.)

Although most conversations included laughter, the most hilarious part was when Kiarmin recounted where he had been in the city. He does not speak German so his variations of the Hamburg streets and landmarks were a source of amusement. He told us he came via Haffenbaffen (Hauptbahnhof, central station) and really liked the Sternschwanz quarter (Sternschanze). Ingrid and I (because of course he got to meet Ingrid) thought it was so awesome we gave him a list of Hamburg names and made him read it out on video. My cousin is a great sport so I get to show you. I think he is doing amazingly well! (Not even Germans can pronounce the last word…)

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