Not a buck left

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: keinen Bock mehr darauf haben

Literal translation: to not have any buck left for this

It has been another long day at the lab when Elvira finally comes home. She is passing the Christmas markets and smells the mulled wine, the Bratwurst and the gingerbread. But since Elvira is not one for spending money unneccessarily, she pulls herself together and walks past all the temptations. She will have dinner at home with Günther. They have still not decided on New Year’s Eve and Elvira is tired of the discussions. It is just an evening like any other anyway, she thinks. Tired and cold from the low temperatures outside, Elvira unlocks the front door and drags herself up the five flights of stairs. From the other apartments, she can also smell food. The neighbors below them are eating some kind of fish and next door they must be having cake even. As Elvira opens the door, she can barely get in because the trash bag that she put there in the morning to be taken out is still there, blocking the door. When she comes in, she sees the dishes piling up in the kitchen. There is no dinner to be seen. Instead, Günther is sitting in front of the TV, watching a rerun of Mitten im Leben. When Elvira catches sight of that scence, she loses it. “I do so not have any buck left for this behaviour any more!” she shouts as a greeting, meaning that she is very fed up with Günther.


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