Let heaven and nature sing


Tomorrow is the first day of our big concert series! The choir has sung several smaller concerts on the Christmas Market and for selected companies (we have two to come, IKEA and Scandic – you see, Swedes stick together) and we have toured to Hannover and Lübeck to sing there. But tomorrow night sees the premiere of the big Hamburg concerts which means singing the full programme seven times (as our choir leader reminded us, “Will you be able to sing this three times in a row without losing your voice or spirit?”). During the last two weeks, we had to learn five more songs which is quite a challenge. At least I have listened to it on repeat on Spotify so that I know the text. Since those four songs (“Bereden väg för Herran”, “Gläns över sjö och strand”, “Stilla natt”, “Koppången”, “Jul, jul, strålande jul”) are particularily beautiful, it is worth rehearsing them over and over again though.

Of course it’s the whole thing is bit jittery, it is like back in the day when the curtain opened for our Shakespeare plays in high school. Because I have been advertising Lucia so much, a lot of people I know are coming. Like my parents. My aunts. Ten people from the Chamber of Commerce. My colleagues. And my boss. Yes, we better shape up and deliver a good performance…!


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