My unintended Lucia solo


Geez, I did not think that singing three Lucia concerts would feel like running a marathon. (Not that I have ever run a marathon but I imagine one is completely exhausted after that as well.) This morning, after welcoming my parents who were visiting and running hectic errands, I commenced my Lucia  day at IKEA where we sang for the customers. We got to go “behind the scences” which was very interesting and wanted me to work at IKEA even more. Our Lucia train went through the all of the store, including singing in the elevator, and our pastor said his step counter reported 4,1 kilometres walking. Singing in harmony, remembering countless lyrics and walking is something that can fully occupy you, I promise. The most wonderful thing about this performance was the facial expressions of the audience. Because people had not expected an advent celebration and were maybe even unfamiliar with the traditions, they first looked at us in astonishment which quickly turned into almost childlike enchantment. Priceless! They paused their shopping for a moment, sat down on the IKEA furniture or some even followed us through the house.



I skipped two of five concerts because my parents and aunt were visiting and also because it is – as I know now – rather difficult for the voice to sing five hours. We managed to through both evening concerts well and added a little twist to our last concert’s Staffansvisa. To honor our choir leader, we made up an additional verse. When we had finished the song, we restarted – much to the surprise of the choir leader – singing a verse about how well we sound with her as a choir leader and that we’re thankful for that. She seemed very pleased.

When I came down after the concert to talk to ‘my’ people, an unknown old lady approached me and said, “That song that you and the other girl sang as solos, that was so nice, what is the name of that song?” And I was like, “What do you mean, solo? That was supposed to be all of the altos singing…” The song was Koppången which some of my fellow altos find very hard to memorize lyric-wise and as layman choir habit goes, you just sing more restrained when you are unsure, so I guess that is why the lady thought it was only one other alto and me singing an intended solo, haha…At least she liked it!


After one concert last night and three today, there will be two more concerts tomorrow. Really, all I’ve been doing this weekend is singing Lucia. (And I had the pleasure of dining in the wonderful Stockholmesque restaurant of the Scandic Hotel with my Chamber of Commerce group.) But as we sing in Staffansvisa, “Just once, one time a year”.

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