Stepping into the fat bowl

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: Sie ist ins Fettnäpfchen getreten

Literal translation: She stepped into the little fat bowl

It is Saturday and it is Lucia day! Günther’s colleague Gudrun has invited him and Elvira to see the Lucia concert. Elvira who is still annoyed with Günther, decided to decline the invitation. Güntherdoes not really know what that is all about but he trusts Gudrun’s good taste in music. Gudrun’s former boyfriend Mats from Dalarna introduced her to the tradition and even though she is happy now with Alfonso, she still enjoys seeing the lights and listening to the angelic voices. Just when they are about to sit down in the crowded church, Gudrun spots Sabine. The friends greet each other warmly and start to chit-chat. “How is it going with your promotion, weren’t you going to start a new job soon?” Gudrun asks Sabine unsuspectingly. Sabine’s face suddenly looks like she just ate a lemon. “We should sit down, the concert is about to start”, she answers brusque and turns around. Gudrun gives Elvira a baffled look. “I think you just stepped into the little fat bowl”.

Stepping into the fat bowl means you have done a fauxpas and/or brought up a subject the other does not want to talk about. So watch out for those fat bowls!

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