The Lucia hangover

Living on the edge.

Living on the edge.

When I woke up this morning after sleeping very long, I felt like I had been out all night drinking heavily. Everything hurt, especially my head. I later spoke to my friend Malin who had also been doing Lucia all day yesterday and she confirmed that she had exactly the same symptoms. So I guess Lucia hangover is a real thing!

We performed two more concerts today. Everyone was there, the most unexpected people: the Sweden-interested journalist I met on Twitter, my former colleague from Stockholm, a lady from Skåne I met a few weeks ago.

Before and in between the concerts, we sit in the basement eating cold pizza and clementines. It is quite a funny sight, 25 ladies in white dresses and a few star-boys with pizza cartons. During the last concert, I decided it’s time to get a little crazy and sang without any text. By now, I know all the lyrics by heart anyway to the extent that I am sometimes not even mentally present but the words just float out of my mouth.


Now recovering from Lucia with lussekatter the church gave us. And the lit Christmas tree. (yes, real candles) with it new ornament – also from church – made of pasta.

So now it’s over for this year and while I am relieved (I love Lucia but there is only so many times you can sing the same songs without losing the feeling. Except for Koppången. Never losing the feeling for “men jag bär de gamla orden i mitt hjärta som förut”), it is also a weird empty feeling when you have focused to much enery on one thing that is then over. Let’s just hope tomorrow’s Lucia hangover is not as bad as today’s since it’s a Monday…;-)

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