My very own advent calendars



Obviously you know all about advent calendars by now. On December 1st, I regretfully noted that I did not have my own. I must admit I did not make any for anyone either unlike in the past years where I had time to make advent calendars for more than one person. Maybe this should be a new stress index: the ACSI, advent calendar stress index. If you do not have time to make any calendars for your friends and family, your ACSI is at 50 and with each calendar you make your ACSI score lowers. No one will ever get to 0, I suppose, but I am sure some people get down to 25!

Ingrid is at least at 49 – she presented me with this completely self-made advent calendar on the evening of December 1st. So lovely! It holds 25 doors with drawings that have to do with us (and my cat). Twenty-five because she accidentally drew number 22 twice. Or as I like to put it because I am worth an extra door.

I also got a beautiful calendar with precious little pictures all the way from the U.S. from my former host sister Kate. So I have two calendars to open each morning – such bliss!

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