The hose

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: auf dem Schlauch stehen

Literal translation: to be standing on the hose

Sabine and Angelika are writing Christmas cards. “Cumpleaños feliz”, Angelika has written in her nicest handwriting in one of the cards with the baby Jesus on the outside. She passes the card over to Sabine who is sitting on her side of the kitchen table, signing the cards after Angelika. “What’s this?” she inquires looking at the Spanish writing. “That’s the one for Gudrun and Alfonso”, her girlfriend explains. “I wanted to make it a little more Spanish so that Alfonso would like it”. Sabine frowns and puts away her pen. “And so you wrote Happy Birthday?” Angelika is already writing the next card. There are 55 cards to be written so she is in a hurry. “What do you mean, happy birthday?” “You wrote Happy Birthday!” Sabine insists. “I am standing on the hose”, Angelika says and shakes her head. “I just don’t get what you are talking about”. Sabine sighs and takes out her phone with the translation app. After a few seconds, she shows Angelika the result. “Cumpleaños feliz means happy birthday. You meant to write feliz navidad, silly”.

Standing on the hose means not understanding.

Standing on the hose means not understanding.

If you have not fallen onto your mouth, he are never lost for words.




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