Pudding walks

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: einmal um den Pudding gehen

Literal translation: to take a walk around the pudding

One week night is always cinema night in many German cities. Tickets are cheaper than normal so many take the opportunity to see a movie. Rüdiger had earlier emailed Elvira if she was up for seeing the rerun of “Casablanca”. The two sit next to each other enjoying a shared bottle of beer and a big bag of popcorn. During the movie, Elvira’s eyes get distracted and rest on Rüdiger’s face. When the film is over and the two walk out, Rüdiger accidentally brushes Elvira’s arm. “Hm, I thought”, he says gently, “we could maybe talk a walk around the pudding?”

NB: The expression walking around the pudding, i.e. taking a short walk, is used mostly – maybe exclusively – in North Germany.


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